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sexta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2013


Nos 120 anos da morte de Charles Gounod, a vossa atenção para o Mezzo. Para já, uma galvanizante Anna Netrebko, na interpretação de Je veux vivre  de Roméo et Juliette com a Orchestre National de Belgique, sob a direcção de Emmanuel Villaume.

Boa audição!

[Today, Mezzo commemorates the death of the French composer Gounod, who died exactly 120 years ago.

Charles Gounod was rapidly known for his talent. In 1839, he won the prestigious Prix de Rome and during his stay at the Villa Medicis, he
discovered sacred music which had a great influence on his works. He dedicated his career mainly to opera: indeed, he was a real lyric artist. He composed works after the plays of Molière but that is when he composed Faust that he became super famous. He then composed Romeo and Juliet, which had a great success. 

 As if he were feeling his death coming, he composed a lot of sacred music at the end of his life, including masses and oratorios.
At his funerals, Saint Saens and Gabriel Fauré were among the ones that played the music….

Let’s hear the works of this genius!

(Ave Maria – Gounod/Bach – Diana Damrau)
(« Amour, anime mon courage » - Roméo et Juliette – Anna Netrebko)
(« Salut, demeure chaste et pure » - Faust – Jonas Kaufmann)
(Messe solennelle – Kyrie)

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